Sanitation Services by Blu Site Solutions

As a full service company for portable restroom rentals, Blu Site Solutions offers their customers extensive sanitation solutions. Cleaning and maintenance of the sanitation products are a basic requirement for the success of your event.

Therefore, we emphasize on always providing working and clean toilets. We are looking back on a long-standing experience in this line of business. We are constantly developing our products and services which allows us to offer our customers not only high-end quality mobile restrooms, but also a wide range of additional equipment combined with a superior service. Our industry experts are awaiting your call for in-depth consultation during our hours of operation. Find a branch near you and give us a call.

Upgrade Your Rental

How Adding Accessories Can Enhance Your Porta Potty Experience


Our LED motion sensor light is the perfect way to add extra comfort to portable restrooms being used at nighttime or in low light conditions. By adding these lights, you are sure to make guests feel a little more at home. These LED lights are motion sensor activated, instantly turning on when motion is detected from as far as fifteen feet away. Its neutral white light conveniently illuminates downward to brighten the full interior of your portable restroom.


Hand sanitizer is great add-on that will not only upgrade your porta-potty rental but keep your guests germ free. Blu Site Solutions offers two sanitizer options: sanitizer dispensers and sanitizer stations. Our hand sanitizers will come installed in your portable restrooms and allow guests to properly cleanse and stay germ free with one refillable dispenser. We also offer hand sanitizer stations that allow for multiple users at one time. Complete with four separate dispensers, the hand sanitizer station is great for simultaneous use at outdoor restroom facilities.


Portable hand wash stations are another great option for upgrading your rental and staying germ free. Our hand wash stations are designed to accommodate complete forearm washing. These dual faucet sinks help cut down on wait times by allowing two people the opportunity to cleanse their hands at once. Each hand wash station comes fully stocked with paper towels, hand soap, fresh water and a lockable paper towel dispenser.

Upgrading your porta potty rental is a great way to give your guests a clean and comfortable experience. Try adding some of these items to your next rental to upgrade your porta potty experience!